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Ars Cafe & Meeting House

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Ars Cafe & Meeting House

Ars Cafe & Meeting House was opened in 2023 with a desire for renewal and hope in our local community. Here at Ars, we truly believe that everyone is seeking Christ, whether they know it or not; everyone needs and wants to be treated with respect and dignity; simple conversation and listening is how people come to the Gospel invitation; non-threatening evangelization works; radical welcome and joy are essential to the proclamation of the Gospel. The purpose of this coffee shop is to create a non-threatening place of radical welcome where people are treated with dignity and respect and the love of Christ. Where the Gospel is preached through actions, more than words, and a place where the bible studies, small groups, deep conversations, laughter, and joy reign!

About the Company

Ars Cafe & Meeting House is a welcome place for all to gather and connect over a great cup of coffee.

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