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Stone Bridge Trucking

Greensburg, Indiana, USA

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Trucking & Transportation

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Stone Bridge Trucking

One thing that’s important to me about Stone Bridge Expediting and Small Load Trucking is the culture of our business. Something fundamental to us is the fact that we’re American Veteran-Owned, and American Veteran Driven. Butch Kennedy started this company in 1999 when his son graduated high school and left for the United States Army. At that point, Butch realized he wanted a change in his life, and while working eight hours a day in a factory, he grabbed a small van and started doing runs at night.

With ten years of trucking experience, he knew what he was doing, and what he hoped to achieve with the company. He had a vision of a small, hard-working company that could do an honest job and take care of our customers. Expediting was a critical need for all the local factories and industries.

His son came off active duty from the US Navy in 2016. Butch discussed his vision for Stone Bridge Expediting and Small Load Trucking for the future. They discussed the fact that both were Navy veterans, a large percentage of the operations team were veterans. From that point forward, that has been its slogan. StoneBridge is American Veteran Owned and American Veteran Driven.

Currently, StoneBridge operators have a veteran representation of the US Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and US Army. And all these guys understand what it is that we want to do. Their mission remains the same. To serve our nation’s economy and its manufacturers in an honest, hard-working style while being willing to take care of each other.

An essential pillar of the StoneBridge administration team is for everyone to be willing to drive first. Whether it’s operations, sales, marketing, maintenance, compliance, or HR, everyone must drive first. It allows them to meet our clients and customers, and understand the drivers and what they go through on a day to day basis. Importantly, it enables them to understand what it takes for a trucking company to succeed. A concept developed from basic training in the US Army. No matter what your job in the Army, you must be able to fight first. Whether you’re a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, a supply guy, etc., the first important thing is that you can pick up a weapon and fight if you have to.

At StoneBridge, you must be able to drive.

At StoneBridge Trucking, nobody is above what is essential to the company. That is providing excellent service as a driver behind the wheel of a Stone Bridge van, box truck, or sprinter for our customers.

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