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The 812 Fall Survey
Complete this form for a chance to win a $50 Skyline gift card!
How satisfied are you with the frequency of news articles?
How relevant is The 812's news coverage to you?
How likely are you to recommend The 812 to a friend?
What source do mainly consume The 812 content from?
What would you like to see next from The 812? Choose up to 2.

The answers to your feedback will remain anonymous, but in order for us to keep you in the loop with all things happening at The 812, as well as to gift one lucky winner a $50 Skyline gift card, we need your contact information!

(We currently only send 1-2 emails per week, full of relevant information.)

*Must be 18 or older to win. Winner will be notified via email on November 1, 2023 and has 24 hours to claim their prize. No purchase necessary. 

Thanks for your feedback!

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