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Big News: Batman was in Brookville!

(BROOKVILLE, Ind.) -- I'm going to be honest and vulnerable for a change.

Lately, I've been looking for someone to swoop in like a superhero to bring me happiness.

Mom says, "happiness comes from within," but I've been in a dark place.

For me, life in Southeast Indiana feels like Gotham.

Dad told me to cheer up. He said, Steven, eat something, and find some friends.

So, I drove to Skyline Chili in Brookville from my parent's house on St. Mary's Road.

That's when I came across a real superhero at the stop light at Main Street.

The real Batman was there.

"He stands atop his limo and throws his wings open as cars or people pass," one of our viewers said.

I've never seen a Batman movie but quickly learned I was living in one.

Batman waved at cars and kids asked for autographs and photos with him.

We made eye contact and I hope he knows I'm not gay, but damn.

Didn't have a chance to interview him. Would have asked him about his thoughts on East Central football


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