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Community rallies for Sunman family, more help needed

Police, casino assist needy family

(SUNMAN, Ind.) – A Sunman family has been displaced from their home after an electrical fire on Friday. 

It has left them temporarily homeless and without transportation for two twin 9-year-olds who attend Sunman Elementary.

Ashton Calhoun, her fiance, and her two children had been living in the home. 

Calhoun reached out to The 812 to make sure Southeast Indiana knows about the people who are offering assistance during this difficult time. 

She wanted to specifically thank Hollywood Casino, the Sunman Police Department and Ken Maddin of Lawrenceburg. 

Calhoun is employed part-time at Hollywood Casino and her family has been given a free room at casino's hotel for the entire week. 

It was made possible by Maddin as well as the casino. 

“I’ve only worked there for a few months and if you’re an employee at Hollywood Casino, they truly go to the next level to help their employees during a disaster situation,” Calhoun said. 

Calhoun recalls how a hotel employee mentioned a midget wrestling event that was happening at the Lawrenceburg Event Center. 

One of her sons overheard that and said, “Wrestling, cool!”

However, the news of the event being sold out became a disappointment for the boy. 

That is when a Sunman Police Officer went above-and-beyond for the family. 

He reached out to the promoter of the event and was told once again that it was sold out. 

The officer told the story about the fire to the promoter and even offered to pay for a couple tickets. 

According to Calhoun, the promoter gave the officer three tickets and told him to keep his money. 

“The officer offered $100 to the promoter to buy the little boy some gear during the show,” Maddin said. 

However, the promoter responded, “Keep your money. We’ll make sure he gets some gear and has a great time!”

The boys attended the show and ended up having a good time. Here is a photo Calhoun provided. 

At the midget wrestling event Saturday

The family is still in immediate need of financial support for food and transportation.

Calhoun’s biggest concern is getting transportation from Lawrenceburg to Sunman so her two 9-year-olds can attend school. 

If you want to help this family feel free to send us an email or message The 812 and we’ll connect you with the appropriate person or organization.

Ashton says it will not be until next week when they can get into the trailer.


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