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Dairy Farm is part of American Dream for Decatur Co. Family

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Hulsbosch Dairy Farm is largest in Southern Indiana

(LETTS, Ind.) -- The Hulsbosch family began dairy farm operations in Belgium but were limited by milk quotas in the European country.

Dairy farms are only allowed 80 head of cattle in Belgium and the family had reached the limit.

The parents knew their three children would want to follow the family trade, but wouldn't be able to do so in Belgium.

So, they began exploring a move to America when they discovered property outside of Greensburg in 2005.

"We came across some good neighbors and crop farmers and give us a chance by selling us feed to help us milk cows," said owner Wim Hulsbosch.

The family began milking cows in 2008 with approximately a herd of 1,500 cattle.

It has now grown to the largest dairy farm in Southern Indiana as they milk more than 6,500 cows. The majority of their milk is shipped to a Kroger facility and likely ends up on local grocery shelves.

Wim Hulsbosch says the goal is to not be the largest dairy farm, but to rather produce milk with an emphasis on product safety, cow comfort, the environment and working with the community.

"We really try hard to focus on milking cows and producing good quality milk," said Hulsbosch. "Also, we try to rely on local farmers to produce feed for the cows along with help with harvest and numerous other things. It is truly a community-wide effort."

Hulsbosch Dairy Farm is a year-round 24/7 operation with approximately 80 employees.

Among the associates is Matt Mobley, who has spent a lifetime around beef cattle.

"One of the things that impressed me the most about this dairy farm is their operations. They don't do anything without considering the comfort of the cow, and secondly, the comfort of the community," Mobley said.

"They realize they have to rely on the community to help support this dairy," he added.

Hulsbosch is now opening up to the community and encouraging anyone interested to schedule a tour of the facility.

"We want people to see how this dairy operates and the fact that there is a great possibility they could be consuming our product," Mobley emphasized.

You can schedule a tour of the farm by reaching out to or calling (812) 614-5288.

Want to learn more? Here's the extended interview with Wim Hulsbosch in podcast form:


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