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EC student’s flag truck serving special purpose today

Updated: Apr 10

Helping a family in Oklahoma

(HOLLIS, OK) – An East Central student found himself in the national spotlight last month after an incident involving an American flag on his truck. 

Cameron Blasek says he was asked to remove the American Flag by school administrators. 

The incident was reported by Fox News and several other outlets. He was recognized by the American Legion and even had a custom graphics company wrap his truck in an American flag theme. 

Today, Cameron is helping a family whom he would have never met if the incident at the school did not occur. 

He was contacted by the family of 13-year-old Jaxon Dugger of Hollis, Oklahoma. 

Jaxon passed away on April 5 after battling cancer since he was two-and-half years old. 

Jaxon Duggar of Hollis, Oklahoma

One wish of his was to be carried to his final resting place on Cameron’s flag truck. 

“Now, we did not know this family or anyone from Oklahoma, but God brought us together,” said Cameron’s mother, Heidi Jo Jackson-Blasek.Jaxon will be carried to his final resting place by Cameron's truck and followed by other trucks to show their support. If you have ever questioned your purpose.”

Cameron traveled to Oklahoma to help make Jaxon’s wish come true.

Funeral services are being held this afternoon at Hollis High School in Oklahoma.


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