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Fact Check: East Central is not banning American Flag 

The situation was not about American Flag specifically

(ST. LEON, Ind.) – A social media post by a parent of an East Central High School student claims that the school forced her son to remove an American Flag that flies from his truck bed. 

The post has went viral and was also shared by the popular "X" (formally known as Twitter) page 'Libs of Tik Tok' on Friday night. 

The 812 spoke with Sunman-Dearborn School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Andrew Jackson on Friday night about the matter. 

Dr. Jackson clarified that this specific incident has nothing to do with the American Flag in particular.

He also clarified that there were not any plans, and still not any plans to ban the American Flag from school premises next year or in the future. 

That is a sentiment echoed by East Central Principal Tom Black who said, “First and foremost, I want to emphasize that we encourage expressions of patriotism and pride in our nation among our students and staff.” 

So, What Exactly Happened In This American Flag Situation?

Dr. Jackson said it was a complete misunderstanding among school personnel prior to this specific incident. 

Some school administration members were under the assumption that any and all flags were banned from the school parking lot. Staff members thought that also included flags that displayed the school logo.

School administration met with the student on Thursday to inform him of the policy that flags were not permitted in the parking lot. 

According to Dr. Jackson, that is where the misunderstanding came from when it comes to flags in the parking lot.

There was an impression by some staff members that if they allow some flags, that they would have to allow all flags. Even offensive ones.

However, it was clarified by Dr. Jackson on Friday morning that the school has the authority to allow flags while having discretion over certain that could be deemed offensive. 

After that conversation, the East Central principal planned to meet with each student and let them know that they are permitted to fly their U.S. flags. 

However, the student in question was outside of the school, due to his class schedule, when the social media post began to go viral.

The student is still allowed to fly the American flag from his truck bed on school premises.

The school has had the U.S. Flag on display in front of all of their school properties for many years. 

The U.S. Flag has never been seen as offensive on school property or elsewhere, the superintendent added.

“I would like to thank the people who have reached out directly to me and find out what is really going on, I appreciate them taking the time to fully understand the misunderstnading,” Dr. Jackson said.

6 commentaires

Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis
11 mars

This wasn't about a flag with the school logo. This was indeed specifically about the flag of the United States of American. The American flag was banned by the vice principal, not just "some staff." This article is full of half truths, which then makes it half a lie.

jim beam
jim beam
18 mars
En réponse à

Was there a ban of flags from cars? Because the only party that I found quote the handbook was the student who said it was not in the handbook.


Ole Pricipal knew exactly what he was doing and got caught with his pants down now their all squirming around in their seat trying explain it all away.

En réponse à



I commend these young American Patriots for displaying our American Flag. I know East Central is a patriotic school because they had me bring my “BIGGIN’ “ Flag and had it on the field for the East Central Semi-State game with dozens of students around the perimeter for the National Anthem. That flag is 30’ X 50’ and we are proud to fly it at any event when asked to do so. Thanks to Brian “BIGGIN’ Noble for supporting us and purchasing this beautiful flag. We are trying to instill patriotism in our youngsters so let’s all work together to make that happen. I encourage schools to use this big flag and have someone sing the National Anthem an…

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