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Family’s dashcam captures near collision on State Road 1 

Driver swerved into traffic

(LAWRENCEBURG, Ind.) –  A local family is sharing a video hoping it reminds drivers how quickly a tragic accident can happen. 

Olivia Mangold, of Lawrenceburg, purchased a dash cam video camera for her family last year.

She never expected the video camera to capture what happened this weekend.

Her family was traveling along State Road 1 near Salt Fork Road shortly before noon on Sunday. 

“I was admiring the scenery, and my husband started saying whoa, whoa, whoa,” Mangold recalled. 

Olivia’s husband, who was driving, noticed the white car in front of them turn on their turn signal.

However, the red car that was following had yet to hit its brakes. 

You can tell in the video that my husband slowed down to stay away because he thought for sure they were getting ready to rear-end the little white car,” she told The 812. 

The red car swerved across the solid yellow line and into oncoming traffic, the video shows. 

Oncoming traffic narrowly swerved to miss the red vehicle. 

“I've seen some pretty crazy drivers because I drive to the city for work, but this was by far one of the worst near misses I've seen,” Mangold said. 

Mangold hopes this dash cam footage reminds others how fast a fatal crash can occur. 

“The reason I shared the video was to bring attention to the fact that this person could have ended someone's life in a split second by not paying attention,” she added. 


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