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Food pantry opens at former Laurel High School

Addresses food insecurity in a community without a grocery store

(LAUREL, Ind.) -- Laurel High School closed many years ago but the former high school has new purpose.

A community celebration was held on Saturday for the grand opening of a food pantry with locally-grown options.

Laurel is considered a 'food desert' because there isn't a grocery store within 15 miles of the town.

The concept of a food pantry was developed after Franklin County's Purdue Extension created a community garden last year.

Community members worked with the Extension office to develop a non-profit called Growing Laurel.

"This is a way we can bring fresh produce that we grow in this garden to the pantry, and we're also working with Gleaners to bring produce to the pantry," said Veronica Bullock, with Franklin County Purdue Extension.

Laurel residents visited their local food pantry for the first time on Saturday.

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