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Foreign student seeking host family to attend FCHS

Student would attend Franklin County beginning in January

(Brookville, Ind.) -- A German high school student will be able to attend Franklin County High School, if a local family is willing to host him this spring semester.

The student is connected with the STS Foundation, a non-profit that provides cultural exchanges between American families and young people from other parts of the world.

The STS Foundation says the students name is Noah and he loves sports.

"A few of the other things Noah enjoys are playing the guitar, experiencing new sites, and spending time with family and friends. Noah looks forward to being matched with a host and experiencing an American culture," said Tim Beals with the STS Foundation.

Anyone interested in learning more about the program can contact Beals at (317) 440-5170.

Noah wrote an autobiography about himself and is interests here:

Dear host family,

First, I just want to thank everybody who reads this letter for taking the time to get to know me and being willing to include me in their family.

I´m Noah, I am fifteen years old. Most of my friends would describe me as a warm and funny person. I would describe myself as quite athletic and competitive.

I'm half German and half Romanian. Even though I'm half Romanian I've never learned to speak Romanian because my dad did not have enough time to teach me when I was younger because of his job. I'm living in Germany together with my mom and dad and my little brother, who I'm also teaching soccer.

In my spare time, I usually hang out with my friends. We usually visit concerts or go to gatherings. Besides hanging out with my friends I play basketball and volleyball. I would consider myself an athlete, I've been playing sports since I was five. I played soccer for 5 years until I got to fifth grade.

Afterward, I joined a volleyball team and played there for about three years. I found the joy of basketball in the winter of 2022 and played it with such happiness until now. I also tried lifting weights and have been working out for about 2.5 years currently. Sport has been such an impactful thing in my life that I had to quit many other hobbies or interests because I wanted to be the best in the sport I played.

In the US the sports options are more and way better speaking of quality which is a huge influence on why I want to live and study in the US. I play the guitar both electric and acoustic. I used to draw as a hobby but stopped because it couldn’t fit into my weekly plans.

I attend the ninth grade; my favorite subjects are P.E. and math. Why I like P.E. is self-explanatory.

My biggest goal in life is to live as happily as possible. It means that I want to be a professional athlete and train. I want to see the world because there are way too many breathtaking things in the world.

I'm looking forward to my stay in the US and hope you can paint yourself a picture of me.

Best regards,



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