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Founder of "Rock On Rising Sun" receives state award

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Carrigan spoke with The 812 on Tuesday. Watch Here:

(INDIANAPOLIS) -- A Rising Sun woman was one of just 10 Indiana residents to earn the Golden Hoosier Award on Tuesday.

Bonnie Carrigan was nominated for the award which recognizes seniors who have given back to their communities in outstanding ways.

Carrigan is known as a "rock star" for her creation of the "Rock on Rising Sun" organization seven years ago.

Using the Rising Sun Hoosier Boy Senior Housing activities room, Bonnie and her team of "Rolling Stones" paint rocks with whimsical images, which are then hidden within the city limits for others to find and re-hide, or replace with their own creation.

Photos of the discovery and its finder can be posted on the Rock on Rising Sun Facebook page. The rock search is open to all, whether a city resident or not.

Bonnie painted more than 7,000 rocks the first year of the program and she hasn't slowed down. There is also an important purpose of the rocks.

Winning rocks sponsored by area businesses yielded their finders $5 by returning the rock to its supporter. Once returned, the company pledged to make a donation to the Bulletproof Classroom Door Project for Rising Sun-Ohio County Community Schools, a cause that Bonnie is passionate about.

So far, Rock on Rising Sun has generated $3,000 to provide bulletproof doors at the schools.

Bonnie and her Rolling Stones are always on hand at local festivals with their painted rock projects. Their latest venture is Shiner, the rock snake, that grows longer by the day in downtown Rising Sun. The public is invited to paint a section of Shiner's body and see how long they can make him.

Bonnie is the go-to person for all the residents in her senior building and is always eager to assist others in any capacity. Her contributions are never taken for granite.

Congratulations, Bonnie and we at The 812 know this award is well-deserved!


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