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Greensburg mayor delivers State of the City 

Full transcript below

(GREENSBURG, Ind.) –  Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh delivered his fifth State of the City on Monday afternoon. 

It was held during the Greensburg Rotary meeting at The Branch Coffee House and Gathering Place. 

Mayor Marsh began the speech by highlighting the City’s strong fiscal health and commitment to long-term financial strength. 

He spotlighted the accomplishments of each city department, addressed current and future projects, road improvements, international partnerships, and the importance of building toward the future while maintaining Greensburg's charm.

Marsh took several questions from the audience after the State of the City.

One person asked him what his proudest accomplishment has been to date.

While it may not be the most 'flashy' item, Marsh responded by saying he is proudest of the new facility for the Street and Sanitation Department.

"They have been working in unacceptable conditions and it needed to be improved," he said.

Marsh also noted the importance of hearing from the youth while also having a safe community with plenty of recreational opportunities.

"I promise to continue to work harder than ever to improve the prospects for every person who calls Greensburg home. Together, we've accomplished a great deal. But there is so much more work ahead, a lot," he said.

Click here to read Mayor Joshua Marsh's complete State of the City:

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