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Here for eclipse? This is what Southeast Indiana is all about 

Updated: Apr 10

Photo taken by Carson Hughes

(SOUTHEAST INDIANA) – If you traveled to Southeast Indiana for the solar eclipse, we're happy you're here and hope you have a great visit. 

While everyone will be looking up to the skies this afternoon, there is much more to see around here. 

We don't have the big city conveniences you might be used to, but what we do have is something you won't find everywhere else.

And that is the amazing people that make small town America so special.

You will meet people who will run into a burning building to save a complete stranger. It happened right here.  

You’ll find police officers who spend off-duty time to fix an ordinance complaint themselves. Read about it here.

There's fifth graders who fundraised for their teacher when she was diagnosed with cancer. One student even created her own special fundraiser. 

You will also find first graders who organized a party for their teacher to celebrate her becoming cancer-free. Watch it here.

After the school shooting in Nashville last year, one local parent could have complained about her school’s lack of security. But she took it upon herself to upgrade school cameras herself and the community rallied behind her. Watch that here. 

We even have students that create fundraisers for students they never met. Read it here.

We also have volunteers of all ages who respond to fires, plant flowers, sew blankets, and use their talents and passions to help others when it matters most. 

We have neighbors who call the house next door after a storm. To make sure their neighbor is okay. 

When you are in Southeast Indiana, you are family. 

If you suffer a house fire. You will likely have a fundraiser created for you.

If you are diagnosed with cancer. You will likely have a fundraiser created for you. 

We are home to small businesses who operate on a tight budget but give back to the local youth sports team or fundraiser.

We also have local players who inspire others through their own challenges

We have volunteer firefighters who spend off-duty time making sure kids have a good Christmas.

You'll meet cops who made sure a homeless veteran is given a proper burial.

We have city government’s who step up when it matters most. 

You'll even find schools who make sure needy kids have comfortable shoes.

We may not have the amenities of a big city. But we have each other. And that is what matters most.

And when a local family loses their son or daughter, all of our communities rally behind that family in a way you will never see anywhere else.

I could give a thousand more stories and links. But what makes Southeast Indiana so special is YOU.


“You can’t beat Batesville!”

Cheryl Prentice, Batesville resident from 1980-2007


What a great tribute to all the giving, wonderful people in our communities

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