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High school senior fulfills dream of publishing children's book

Senior uses passion for education to help young children

(VEVAY, Ind.) -- Cadyn Smithson is a Switzerland County senior who always wanted to write a children's book.

The 17-year-old decided to follow his passion and his childhood dream has just became reality.

Smithson published his first children's book called "Benji Goes to Bed" last week and it has already sold over 150 copies.

He wrote the book to help children develop a bedtime routine and practice healthy sleeping habits.

Cadyn is a self-described education advocate and spends part of his school day working with kindergarteners at Jefferson-Craig Elementary in Vevay.

"I just see the way some of those kindergartners have routines and some others struggle with routines," Smithson said. "I would say the biggest factor of writing the book is working with those children."

Smithson not only wrote the book but was also responsible for the illustration. He compiled his own research and even approached a publisher.

"They weren't crazy about picking up a 17-year-old who wanted to be an author," Smithson recalled.

That's when he used Amazon's direct publishing service and worked with an editor who served as his mentor.

Smithson had to practice patience during the process before he got the final word that the book would be published.

Cadyn said becoming a published author was a goal he always wanted to accomplish.

"I think a book is really key to education for me, and then for my kindergarteners as well, learning how to read and then once they know how to read, they take their steps and I think a bedtime routine is a good first step for them in their life," Smithson said.

The senior is currently weighing his college choices but plans to pursue a career in child psychology and education.

The school and community has shown massive support for Cadyn. He's been asked to host a book signing event during Vevay's monthly First Friday celebration on November 3.

Smithson added, "This is just a huge accomplishment for me, and I'm so glad I'm backed by such a great community and I have so much support from my family and my friends in Vevay and now, potentially the entire 812 area!"

After meeting with Smithson Wednesday, we fully expect "Benji Goes to Bed" to be the first of many more books to come!


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