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Milan teen racer safe after fiery incident at Lawrenceburg Speedway 

First responder dash cam:

(LAWRENCEBURG, Ind.) – Kayla Roell is a 16-year-old sophomore at Milan High School. 

When she isn’t in school, Kayla is following her passion of becoming a professional race car driver one day. 

She was racing a sprint car at Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday night when her biggest fear became reality. 

“Ever since I first got in a race car, my greatest fear has always been a fire happening,” she said. 

On Lap 14 of the race, an oil line broke and smoke started coming from her car. 

“At first I thought it was a simple overflow, but flames arose from the bottom of my car,” Roell told The 812. 

She followed her instincts by shutting off the fuel and stomping on the brakes.

Roell jumped out of the vehicle as the car went up in flames.  

Roell's race car catches fire (TNS Photos/ Roell family)

Lawrenceburg Speedway Fire-Rescue crew members responded to the incident within seconds. 

Kayla is crediting the Lawrenceburg Speedway first responders for their quick response on Saturday.

I am so glad that they were there to help make sure the car wasn’t more damaged, and I am also thankful that they are always there for other racers as well,” Roell said. 

Kayla also credits her fire suit, made by Hinchman Indy, for protecting her from the flames. 

The teenager just went through her greatest fear during a race. We asked her if she plans to ever get back in a race car. 

“I’m not scared at all. I will be right back in the car this weekend,” Roell confirmed. 

We first met Kayla a few years back when she was an eighth grader. Watch here:


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