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Reid Health launches therapy for heart failure

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

(RICHMOND, Ind.) -- Reid Health is utilizing new therapy to help treat patients suffering from heart failure.

The hospital is using CCMTM therapy, which is a new treatment proven to improve quality of life for patients who are no longer adequately responding to medications to manage symptoms or slow the progression of heart failure.

Reid Health is the first hospital in the area to use the innovative therapy.

"This is great news for all those living in our region who feel their congestive heart failure has put them in a place of no options," said Tyler Evans, Cardiovascular Service Line Director for Reid Health.

CCM therapy is delivered through the Optimizer, a device about the size of a pacemaker that is implanted under the skin of the patient's upper chest through a minimally invasive surgery. Patients typically go home a few hours after the procedure and can start feeling better during that time with the benefits building over the next few months.


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