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Retiring semi driver gets police escort 

Updated: Feb 5

Watch video here (Provided by Joan Schornick)

(BATESVILLE, Ind.) – A longtime Hill-Rom (Baxter) semi-driver got a big surprise on Friday. 

Cliff Schuman was returning from his final trip when he was passing through Shelbyville on Interstate 74. 

He was met by a Shelbyville police officer who started driving in front of him. 

It was his son, officer Curt Schuman, who was driving the police cruiser. 

The father and son arrived at the Batesville exit when they were met by Batesville Police Officer Danny Hamilton. 

Both officers activated their lights and Schuman was escorted to the Batesville Casket and Baxter garage. 

Cliff’s was surprised by his wife, two daughters Jen and Sarah, and some other friends were there to congratulate him on his retirement. 

“It meant everything to have them there as they’ve lived this too,” Schuman said. “It was a big surprise and I really appreciate my son setting this all up.”

Schuman recently celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company. 

He has traveled all over the country and has racked up 5 million miles. 

“He’s missed holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations and it means a lot just to have him home every night now,” Paula said. 

Cliff said he’s looking forward to retirement as he has some projects to accomplish while the couple hopes to attend more Reds games.

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Congratulations 🎊 It's a milestone ..

your son is awesome to pull this off, It's his gratitude , love and respect for YOU .

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