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Ripley Co. Jail offering inmate programs 

New Programs Room opens at jail

(VERSAILLES, Ind.) – There is an effort underway to reduce recidivism among Ripley County Jail inmates. 

The sheriff’s office has introduced several programs including AA, Peer-To-Peer, high school diploma programs, skill-based groups, and faith-based support groups. 

These programs are taking place in the new jail Programs Room, which was developed through the Ripley County Local Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC), co-chaired by Ripley Circuit Judge Ryan King and Ripley Superior Court Jeff Sharp.  

“I believe, and the research overwhelmingly supports it, individuals have a much greater chance of success outside of the jail if they are provided an opportunity to better themselves while inside the jail,” Sheriff Rob Bradley said.  

Sheriff Bradley thanked Director Shannon Schmaltz and his Court Services Team for their collaborative partnership and effort in the sustainability of the project.  

Bradley added that this project wouldn’t have been possible without the grant from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation and the ongoing programming support from River Valley Resources/Work One. 

The Ripley County Jail Programs Room was developed, equipped and funded without the use of tax money.

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Good for them! These kinds of programs cut way down on repeat offenses, save taxpayers a lot of money by reducing jail population, help the local economy because more people are working and paying taxes, and make communities a safer place due to reduced criminal activity. Well done!

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