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Ripley County woman is a TikTok influencer

Fassold shares her journey into the world of social media influencing

(OSGOOD, Ind.) -- Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a social media influencer?

The 812's Conor Geary met with a Ripley County woman who is using the popular app TikTok to pursue her dream of being an influencer.

For those not aware, TikTok is platform where anyone can upload videos that range from comedy, news, art and whatever you can imagine. There's also a large number of people known as influencers who get paid by companies to promote products, such as clothing or makeup, to their audience.

29-year-old Brittany Fassold grew up in Sunman and went to Sunman Elementary before graduating from Milan High School.

She now lives in the Osgood area and is pursuing her dream as an influencer.

Brittany joined TikTok back in 2020 during the pandemic after she saw a lot of people posting videos of clothing and makeup.

That’s when she thought to herself, I can do this too.

So a year later, Brittany decided to begin her journey as an influencer and now has a TikTok following of 43,000 followers on TikTok.

She told me it helps when you have videos go viral, which is mostly dumb luck. However there is a strategy which includes the time of the day and certain days which are more successful than others. Brittany also focused choosing trending songs on TikTok and using keywords for hashtags.

Recently, Brittany was invited to California where she attended an Amazon networking event for influencers. She said it was an amazing opportunity to meet other people pursuing the same dream. While there, she was able to meet other influencers she had already met through TikTok or other social media sites but now she was able to talk in person.

“The experience was surreal. I almost felt the imposters syndromes like I shouldn’t be here," Britany told The 812.

But, Brittany certainly deserves to be there as she has found her niche in the online world.

After more than a year into TikTok, she is established, Amazon clothing brands will send Brittany clothing to feature in her videos to promote. Now, with a store front where featured items are posted, Brittany makes commission from her clothing.

However, it takes time to get there and you first have to get enough followers to be accepted into the Amazon influencer program so you can have your storefront.

She says it took awhile to get there, as new aspiring influencers have to front their own money to buy the items needed and make time for the creation of the video. Brittany now has a streamlined process and says if you have an hour a day, you just might be able to be a successful influencer too.

After talking with Brittany, I did gain more knowledge about what can make for a successful influencer or content creator and that is consistency and engagement with your audience. The work doesn’t just stop once you upload a video. It takes time to earn trust from your target audience trust and that’s through conversation.

If fashion is something you are into and need some clothing ideas, then drop yourself into TikTok where you can browse Brittany’s collection @brittsfasionfinds.

From there you can discover trending fashion along with ideas for all sorts of different events.

Conor Geary is a contributor for and focuses on unique people who call Southeast Indiana home.


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