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StoneBridge: A Marine's Journey of Service

Written by StoneBridge CEO Shane Kennedy

This story originally appeared in The 812's May Magazine

(OSGOOD, Ind.) – The 812 is a proud supporter of those who serve our nation and are grateful for all of the sacrifices they make for us. Our friends at StoneBridge Trucking are also a proud Veteran Owned and Driven Company. 

The following article was written by StoneBridge CEO Shane Kennedy who currently serves in the Air Force Reserve: 

I have been thankful and privileged to serve our country for the last 25 years, and still enjoy serving today. Today, I have the honor of telling you about my uncle Steve Green, an Osgood resident and proud Marine. 

Steve's story is one of sacrifice, duty, and pride in his service. Steve grew up in Napoleon and with four sisters, he quickly learned what responsibility means. 

In 1971, he dropped out of high school and took an oath to join the United States Marine Corps and serve his country wanting “to make his own way”.

He attended boot camp in San Diego. Afterwards, he took the test and qualified to be a Cryptographer and Radio Operator. After completing boot camp, he attended Infantry Training at Camp Pendleton and then went on to school. For his first duty station, he arrived at Camp LeJune in North Carolina in September of 1971. 


After three months, he was sent to Okinawa as part of the 2nd Battalion 9th Marine Regiment where he was able to serve as a radio operator for the ground troops. He spent one day in Okinawa when he was immediately put on a ship to join his parent unit in Japan for Cold Weather Training on Mount Fuji. 

“As an Indiana boy, that Cold Weather Training was nothing compared to what I was already used to,” Steve joked. 


After two weeks of training, he went back to Okinawa before boarding a Naval Vessel for a different destination. This time he stepped on a helicopter carrier enroute to the Philippines where he spent a week with the ship refueling at Subic Bay Naval Base. Upon departure, he was sent to sea towards Vietnam in which they had a setback. 

“After one hour at sea, the ship died and we needed to be towed back and spent another thirty days in port,” he said. “Thirty days was too much. The Marines started getting restless”. 

Once back at sea, they spent two weeks off the north coast of the DMZ and was then sent to Hong Kong.


He served six months in a training operation with the South Vietnamese setting up communications operations before he went back to Vietnam on the USS Okinawa north of the DMZ to cross train with the Vietnamese. 

“In the distance, we could see the saturation bombing and lights of the B52’s. It was very disturbing because we knew there were so many people dying at that time. I was very sad to see this,” he said. 

Corporal Green was sent back to the United States and then signed up for the 2nd Battalion 6th Marines aboard the USS Okinawa for a Mediterranean Cruise. He remembers it as a good experience as he ported in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Crete. 

In December of 1973, he was coming back across the Atlantic and experienced some extreme weather. “We had green water breaking across our flight deck,” he explained. 

Green would then receive an Honorable Discharge, but after six months back home, he knew the best thing was to reenlist in November of 1974. 

He went to Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro, CA where he worked in his actual communications job because he, “wasn’t on a ship with a combat unit and actually got to work as a cryptographer and with computers.” 

It was in November of 1976 when he decided his time serving the country had come to an end. 

“It was a different time, when I got off the plane in San Francisco, people wouldn’t want to be next to me. They would walk as far away from me as they could,” he recalled. 

He was recently honored with the Certificate of Senatorial Recognition from U.S. Senator Mike Braun. 

Braun wrote, “As we reflect on your years of dutiful service, we are reminded of the immense sacrifices made by all of our servicemen and women throughout history.”


Steve Green's journey as a Marine is a testament to the values of duty, sacrifice, and service. His unwavering commitment to his country and fellow Marines exemplifies the true spirit of patriotism and honor. Through his experiences in the military, Steve not only found purpose and camaraderie but also left a lasting legacy of pride and respect for those who serve. As we honor his service and sacrifice, we express our gratitude to Steve and all those who have dedicated their lives to defending our freedom.


We appreciate you Uncle Steve. Once a Marine, Always a Marine!



Each week we feature a Veteran of the Week in Southeast Indiana. This is sponsored by StoneBridge Trucking in Greensburg. Click here to learn about the Veteran-owned and Veteran-driven company.  

HOW TO NOMINATE: Send an email to with the following information:

  • A picture(s) of the Veteran

  • Name, location and service branch of the Veteran

  • Why are you nominating this Veteran

  • Tell us about the Veteran (military and non-military life)

  • Your name and phone number


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