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Student of the Week: Daryl Comer

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Jac-Cen-Del student inspires his school to invest in 3D Printer

This week we're celebrating Daryl Comer of Jac-Cen-Del as our Student of the Week!

Daryl has some serious talent when it comes to coding and design and it's making a big difference for current and future JCD students!

His fifth grade class learned about Tinkercad software last school year. It's an online program that introduces students to the basic skills of 3D design during computer science.

(For us older folks, this software is technology that provides the opportunity to dream up a design and then bring it to life)

At the end of the tutorial the fifth graders were given time to practice with the software.

Some took interest while others did not.

Daryl not only practiced, he took it a step further.

He designed his own character. Then used a 3D printer to bring it to life!

The fifth grader brought his creation into school to show his classmates the final product.

Daryl's initiative and passion has led Jac-Cen-Del Elementary to get their own 3D printer for students to use for the upcoming school year.

"Daryl will be a great resource for supporting his Computer Science teacher, Mrs. Wessel, when she begins implementing this 3D printer in her classroom," Jac-Cen-Del Elementary Principal Dee Budd said.

Daryl is the son of Amelia and Chris Comer.

Great job, Daryl, we're proud of you and keep following your passion! We hope you have a great year in 6th grade!



Each week we feature a Student of the Week in Southeast Indiana. You can nominate students of all grade levels! There are no qualifications. It can be for an accomplishment, personality, community involvement, or anything they've done that deserves to be recognized. We welcome nominations from schools in Decatur, Dearborn, Ripley, Franklin, Ohio and Switzerland counties.


Send an email to with the following information:

  • Picture(s) of the student

  • Name, school, and grade of the student

  • Your name and phone number

  • Why are you nominating this person

  • Any other details you would like to add

  • Do we have parental permission to use students name and image?


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