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Sunman-Dearborn students affirmed right to display U.S. flag

School Board meeting held Thursday

This story was submitted to The 812 from the Dearborn County Register. It was written by staff reporter Emma Balcom:

(ST. LEON, Ind.)  – At a crowded meeting Thursday evening, the Sunman-Dearborn Board of

Education passed a resolution affirming students’ rights to display the U.S. flag.

The resolution specifically affirms East Central High School students’ rights to display

the U.S. flag on their vehicles.

“Be it further resolved that the (board) encourages students to exercise their right to

display the United States flag responsibly and in compliance of the United States flag

code,” said board president James Graf. “Copies of this resolution (will) be distributed to

all school administrators on staff to ensure awareness and understanding of the

affirmed rights of students to display the United States flag in the parking lot.”

The move comes after a controversy last week in which East Central senior student

Cameron Blasek was requested by administration to remove a U.S. flag mounted to his

truck in the school parking lot or be written up for insubordination.

The school later confirmed with The 812 that it was a miscommunication on their end and that the U.S. Flag, as well as others that are not deemed offensive, are allowed to be flown in the parking lot. 

Get this full story written by Emma Bascom of the Dearborn County Register by clicking here.


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