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Tourists arriving for solar eclipse 

"Totality will be breathtaking"

This family traveled from New Jersey and Pennsylvania

(GREENSBURG, Ind.) – People from across the nation are arriving in Southeast Indiana for the solar eclipse Monday. 

The 812 met one family who arrived in Greensburg from the east coast on Saturday night. 

Rosemarie Spedaliere is from Bayside, New Jersey and called Greensburg a beautiful town. 

“The kids said that the town looks like a movie set! We just got here and everybody is very friendly. This is hometown America, very clean, nice people and we came to see the tree coming out of the courthouse. That was a highlight on the list,” Spedaliere said.

It makes sense for Spedaliere to travel to see totality of the solar eclipse. She serves as the public outreach coordinator for Astronomical Society of the Toms River Area (A.S.T.R.A) as well as NASA’s Night Sky Network

Spedaliere has seen totality before and says there is nothing like it. 

“I could have stayed home and had 90 percent in New Jersey. Totality is just breathtaking. You'll be out there on a day like this hopefully. And once the sun starts going across, all of a sudden when it gets pretty close to totality. It becomes like dusk. You can see the stars starting to pop out," she recalled.

The last time she witnessed this, she recalls seeing dogs all of a sudden curl up and go to bed. 

“Birds roosting, everything goes into like nighttime mode. Everything just went quiet,” she said. 

Officials are expecting more tourists to arrive on Sunday. The solar eclipse will take place around 3:05 p.m. Monday.


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