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Town of Osgood warns residents about solicitors

Oldenburg residents reported similar incident earlier this week

(OSGOOD, Ind.) -- The Town of Osgood is sending out a warning after some residents reported a suspicious solicitor.

It's nearly the exact situation that was just reported in Oldenburg earlier this week.

According to an Osgood resident, a maroon van dropped off a person who began knocking on her neighbor's doors under the guise of selling vacuums.

The resident claims the man eventually came to her door and allegedly tried to enter her home.

"I grabbed the kids and went into the bedroom, he banged on my door multiple times, kept trying to mess with my lock and then the last thing I heard was him turning my door nob multiple times and then he took off," she said.

The 812 was at the Oldenburg Town Council Monday where residents were describing a maroon van and a woman who entered an elderly woman's home.

The Town of Osgood said their police department is aware of the alleged solicitors. They encourage residents who see suspicious activity to call the Ripley County Dispatch at (812) 689-5555.


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