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Veteran of the Week: Gary Klopp, Sr.

We're celebrating Gary Klopp of Dearborn County

We're celebrating Gary Klopp, Sr. of Lawrenceburg as our Veteran of the Week!

Before we share his story, we want to let you know about an event happening for him this weekend and you're invited. We'll explain more in the article.

Klopp served in the Navy from 1957 to 1960 and spent most of his time in submarines performing underwater demolition.

After serving, he was a semi truck driver for many years before becoming a Lawrenceburg firefighter. He eventually served as Fire Captain at Firehouse 1.

He began dating the love of his, Christine in 1984 and they married in 1992.

Gary has been blessed with nine children in his 82 years of life. He has many grandkids and great grandkids.

He comes from a military family. His brother, George, served in World War II and is still active at the age of 97. Read about George here.

"If you ask my dad who his best friend is, without a doubt, he'll say it is his brother George," Gary's daughter said.

Gary and his brother George

Nowadays, Gary enjoys watching "Gunsmoke" reruns and can play the guitar like a professional and sing wonderfully.

"He enjoys sitting on the front porch when the weather is right drinking an ice cold beer," his daughter added.

Gary is living with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a very painful lung disease that unfortunately may become terminal by the end of the year.

He turns 83-years-old soon and his family is hoping his friends and the public can give him a big treat on Sunday, August 13.

"This will likely be my dad's last birthday as he is declining very quickly," his daughter said. "He wants to stay on this earth as long as possible so a birthday parade seems like the best option as germs and a terminal lung disease just don't mix well."

Their asking for cars, trucks and motorcycles to meet at Ludlow Hill Park at 4 p.m. this Sunday.

The ride will then go past his house on Loretta Street.

"Please come with your cars decorated and ready to holler out to a man that deserves this!"



Each week we feature a Veteran of the Week in Southeast Indiana. This is sponsored by StoneBridge Trucking in Greensburg. Click here to learn about the Veteran-owned and Veteran-driven company.

HOW TO NOMINATE: Send an email to with the following information:

  • A picture(s) of the Veteran

  • Name, location and service branch of the Veteran

  • Why are you nominating this Veteran

  • Tell us about the Veteran (military and non-military life)

  • Your name and phone number


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