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CRAZY! Fish from 1937 flood found inside Aurora building

Fish found on second story of building

Miller shows where fish was found

(AURORA, Ind.) – The historic flood of 1937 left Lawrenceburg and Aurora mostly underwater. 

The January flood was caused by snow and heavy rains which led the Ohio River to rise to more than 82 feet. 

The destruction was massive and hundreds of homes were swept away and destroyed. 

An Aurora business owner believes he has found an artifact from the flood. 

Tim Miller owns buildings that are just about a hundred yards from the Ohio River. 

He knew the flood reached the second story of his buildings, but didn’t expect to discover something within the structure.

Here is a video of the distance from the Ohio River to Miller’s building:

Miller is restoring the second floor of that building into apartments. He was recently doing interior work when he came across an odd discovery. 

The body of a fish was found inside the wall.

“These buildings on Second Street were covered when the river was up that high,” Miller said. “I think this was the first building closest to the Ohio River back then in 1937.” 

Miller is confident that the fish wasn’t carried inside the second floor wall by a cat or another animal. 

“There’s no way it got up that high. It’s not like something would have drug it up there and behind the plaster,” Miller said.

He believes the fish ended up there during the 1937 flood. 

Here is a photo of the fish:

“There’s that saying about the one that got away. Apparently, this is the one that didn’t get away,” he laughed. 

This isn’t the first time Miller has come across an odd occurrence inside one of his buildings.

He also owns the J. Miller Steak Company, which is located next door.

They found video surveillance of what appears to be ghostly encounters. Watch that video here.


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